Next Tier Rep Application

So You Want To Become A Next Tier Rep?

The rules are simple.

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Purchase 3 items (if the 3 items total $75 you are still eligible for the free hat!)
  3. Post or send us a review of the products you received
  4. We will make our selection monthly. If you do not get chosen the first time you apply, please RESUBMIT your application, this will show us you are serious and improve your chances of being chosen. (no purchase necessary to resubmit)


  1. You will receive a personalized discount code to promote with
  2. You will receive a sponsor pack containing :
1 gear bag
1 hat
1 shirt
1 jacket
1 pack of stickers
*If chosen you will also receive free products periodically, as well as have the chance to join us at any events we attend. 
For the top performers, there will be opportunities to permanently join our team AKA get PAID!