About Us


Next Tier Apparel is a fitness clothing brand that is committed to helping people achieve their goals of being healthy and fit in a unique and stylish way.  Not only do we promote a super active lifestyle, but also want you to look good dominating!

At Next Tier Apparel, each and every member of our team has a duty to uphold in the fitness and fashion community. We give it our all to make sure you get the very best quality and trending fitness apparel available in the market. We wear our logo with great pride while also spreading the message of inspiration to create a success movement !

Although our mission is to deliver comfortable and quality fitness gear to promote your maximum potential, we also take social responsibility as a top priority. By working hand-in-hand with our partners in the supply chain, we take pride in our ability to provide fair and ethical working conditions for everyone that assists us in bringing our mission to reality. In addition, you will always find us thinking of fresh ways to assist and make sure our activities are creating a great difference in the community.

Perhaps our strongest value is our passion for customer satisfaction. We evaluate our performance and quality of our items based on the feedback we get from you. Interestingly, we’ve had many return customers because we have constantly highlighted our standards in such a competitive industry.